Most Buzzworthy Startup

Believe the hype or no?  The award for buzzworthy isn't about which startup is the most popular or which has the most buzz--it's about who has earned the chatter.  Who has done something noteworthy that is really worth talking about--and who are you tired of hearing about?

Nominate your choices for Most Buzzworthy Startup below.

This award is sponsored by Brew Media Relations.

Brew Media Relations was founded on the fundamentals of enthusiasm, synergy and good old-fashioned hard-work. We've spent time cultivating solid connections and building a vast network of journalists, industry influencers, analysts, and venture capitalists. We work with a broad array of b2b and consumer technology companies from around the world including NetSuite, Grockit, Zong and Zynga, and home-grown NYC companies including Activate Partners, Tremor Media and Yext.
At Brew, we believe it is imperative to help clients with strategic planning & messaging. To successfully represent a company, we must first incorporate their products and services into our lives and work where we can become true evangelists.