Best Technology at a NYC Startup

New York companies are all just dressed up sales offices, right?  The real tech is somewhere else, no?

Think again.  Not only is New York becoming home to some of the most interesting businesses in the startup world, but it's also supporting some of the best technologies.  Some great technical teams have been built right here in the Big Apple and this award recognizes the engines behind the innovation.  Please take the time to nominate who you think has built the most interesting technology in NYC.

This vote is sponsored by Pivotal Labs.  

Over the past three years, we've developed over 50 products in our Startup-oriented practice. We've taken entrepreneurs' ideas and made them reality, usually in a few short months. We took Cookstr from cocktail napkin concept to live production website, featured in the New York Times, in 6 months. We helped Urban Dictionary migrate from PHP to Rails, to become the Number 5 Rails website in the world. And they're not the only top 10 Rails website we've worked with. We took GNIP from concept to prototype in the first week, and from there to scalable, high-performance, critically-acclaimed product in under 3 months. And there are many more.

We can't give you the killer idea or the focus to build a business out of it, but we can remove the technical risk and bring your product to market quickly, scalably, and with the highest quality.

If you need technical help for your startup, contact NYC based Managing Director Josh Knowles at and he'll be happy to assist you.