About @shakeshack III

No rockstars: Just free beer, burgers and shakes at the center of the NYC digital community with those who code, design, deal, finance, and brute force it everyday.

Check out this video of last year's event.

The NY tech and digital media community has unofficially adopted the Shake Shack at Madison Square Park as the community social hub.  Located within blocks of many local startups and prominent investors, the Shake Shack plays host to business development lunches, investor pitches, and spontaneous Twitter-bot driven flashmobs. 

On September 29th, 2010, at 6PM, the nextNY community will be getting everyone to the front of the line with a party for the 300 of the most innovative and influential members of the NY tech scene.  We'll have free food and drink, but more importantly, we'll be making sure a great cross section of the tech scene participates--entrepreneurs (successful and up and coming alike), VC Partners, developers, designers, business people, marketers, etc.

Free food:                Free drinks:
Shack Burgers                   Red & White wine by the glass

Plain Burgers                     Budweiser

Cheese Burgers                 Amstel Light

French Fries                      Shackmeister

Shackcago Dogs                Fiji Water

Hot Dogs

Bird Dogs

New York Dogs


Announcing the nextNY Community Awards
(Brought to you by our @shakeshack III sponsors)

We decided to do something a little more interesting with sponsorship this year, so our generous supporters are helping us identify the standout performers in the community as part of the event.

Nominations will be taken for the following awards up until 9/21, with voting among the top submissions going from 9/22 to 9/28.

Check out each of the categories and submit your suggestions and reasons for your support.

Best Company Culture: NYC Tech  Company  Sponsored by 
Most Valuable New York City Angel Investor   Sponsored by

Best Email Driven NYC Startup 

 Sponsored by

Most Buzzworthy NYC Startup

 Sponsored by

NYC Entrepreneur of the Year

 Sponsored by

 Best Technology at a NYC Startup Sponsored by

Additional awards to be announced...

Additional Sponsors:

Who's going so far?

  • Brian Simpson, Director of Social Hospitality, Roger Smith Hotel 

  • Chris Wiggins, Gray hair, Hackny 

  • Evan Korth, professor, NYU 

  • Paul Cantwell, Member, NY Angels 

  • Josh Knowles, Managing Director - NYC, Pivotal Labs 

  • Brad Hargreaves, EIR, Tipping Point Partners 

  • Justin Titi, Lead iOS Developer, MLB Advanced Media 

  • Larry Richenstein, President, Peak Ventures Inc. 

  • Charles Crockett, Partner, Ascend Venture Group 

  • Jeff Frese, Founder, Fly Soup 

  • Peter Soderling, Founder, Stratusec 

  • Bob Pasker, Self, self 

  • Alex Sherman, Business Development Manager, MediaMath 

  • Mike Cichowski, Principal, Edison Venture 

  • Frank Denbow, CEO, Egerdon LLC 

  • Vincent Choi, Consultant, Navigant Economics 

  • Deborah Umunnabuike, Assistant Manager, Mobile and Social Marketing, Coach 

  • Brian Leddy, COO, Crowdcentric 

  • Mike Dudas, Strategic Partner Development Manager, Google 

  • Tracy Bacigalupo, Partner, DLA Piper 

  • Jake Baker, Associate, Deutsche Bank 

  • Art Lutzke, Private Investor, Lutzke FLP 

  • Trace Cohen, Associate Account Executive, iFluence 

  • Raleigh Allison, Corporate Webmaster, Main Street Connect 

  • Josh McBride, VP Sales, Experian CheetahMail 

  • Lara Lebeiko, Community Marketing, Bicycle Habitat 

  • phin Barnes, Principal, First Round Capital 

  • Julia Kaganskiy, Editor-at-Large, The Creators Project 

  • Shirley Xu, AOL Ventures, AOL Ventures 

  • Owen Davis, Managing Director, NYC Seed 

  • Zach Klein, CPO, Boxee 

  • Randy Nicolau, CEO, Demdex 

  • Dave Morgan, CEO, Simulmedia 

  • Mark LaRosa, VP of Sales and Strategic Partnerships, Angelsoft 

  • Nick Crocker, Product Manager, Boxee 

  • Brett Berson, Associate , First Round Capital 

  • Karin Klein, strategy and corp development, Bloomberg 

  • Christopher Poole, Founder, 4chan & Canvas 

  • John Geraci, Co-founder, Appify 

  • evan korth, Professor, NYU 

  • Sita Vasan, Director, Intel Capital 

  • Chris Fralic, Partner, First Round Capital 

  • Linda Holliday, Angel investor, New York Angels 

  • David Hirsch, Managing Partner, Metamorphic Ventures 

  • Kat Karimi, Program Manager, Astia 

  • Chantelle Karl, Sr. PR Manager, Yelp 

  • Rgoer Krakoff, Managing Partner, Blantyre Capital 

  • David Kidder, CEO, Clickable, Inc. 

  • Matt Turck, Managing Director, Bloomberg Ventures 

  • Curt Viebranz, CEO, ad summos 

  • Whitney McNamara, Under Discussion, Under Discussion 

  • Paul Amar Sethi, Director, PKS Capital 

  • christine lemke, coo, sense networks 

  • Joshua Stylman, Entrepreneur/Angel Investor, Nullset 

  • Dave Morgan, CEO, Simulmedia 

  • Andy Weissman, founder, betaworks 

  • chris wiggins, prof, columbia 

  • alex lines, engineer, chartbeat